Dr. BaoXing Zhang

Dr.Baoxing Zhang, the artist, specializes in traditional Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy.

Dr.Zhang was born and raisd in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in Northern China. At very young age, he studied and practiced Chinese Calligraphy with his father. He then continued his art study with several local teachers. This has helped him in building a very strong foundation in his art profession.

After graduate from Beijing University, one of the most prestige universities in China, Dr.Zhang immigrated to Canada in 1990. He continued his studied and received his PhD degree in Geo-physics and Art in University of Toronto.

Since 1995, Dr. Zhang has been teaching art, chinese painting style in various local schools. He has been teaching art courses for the Oakville Art Society, and Mohawk College. In 1997, Dr. Baoxing Zhang founded Eminence Learning Centre, located at 3065 Ridgeway Drive, in Mississauga. He is the principal teacher of the shool. Over the years, Dr. Zhang has tought countless students of all ages whom are inspired by his work. Dr. Zhang continued to advance his professional skill by painting and teaching students in variety of subjects such as birds, flowers, figures and landscape in traditional Chinese style. Almost daily, he practices his Calligraphy.

Dr. Zhang also published several books on how to draw and paint of on many subjects. He is a memeber of the Sumi-e Society of Canada. He holds yearly workshop at Sumi-e Society of Mississauga. His artwork has been showcased in various art shows. His paintings have been displayed in the Sumi-e Canada annual show, Sumi-e Mississauga, Visual Art of Mississauga, the Oakville Art Society. Dr. Zhang has had his art exhibitions in several community galleries, libraries, museums and art centres, such as the Mississauga Museum, Cambridge Art Gallery, Burlington Centre, Meadowville Theatre, just to name a few. He is a member of Ontario Society of Artists.

Dr. Zhang continues to cultivate and inspire people with his extrordinary and beautiful art.